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"This is a must have book for any watch enthusiast, watchmaker, [salesperson], anyone thinking of becoming a watchmaker, students, collectors, marketing and management people, in fact all who have something to do with watchmaking should have this book."  

-Henrik Korpela, Principal at Korpela and Hofs Watch Competence Centre & Former WOSTEP Instructor

"It's a rarity in today's times to see such work, and efforts to educate people about the nuances of watchmaking. Especially in the times when the brand, looks and price of watches are what most of the people concerned about rather than what's inside that timepiece, workmanship and the craft of watchmaking involved with it." -Harsh Vikram

"Unpretentious and just tells it like he sees it--always refreshing." -Russ Altman, Stanford Professor and Ted Talks Speaker

An Uncommon Guide to Watches, Watchmaking, & the Watch Industry




"A definitive, no-nonsense guide for the novice and experienced collector, watchmaker, or anyone working on the sales side of watches."

-Josh Shanks, Managing Editor at Watchonista

"It's funny, instructive and downright refreshing..."

-Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, HH Journal

"This book is a godsend for watch addicts and enthusiasts alike.This book picks up where forums, blogs, and salespeople fall short. This book should come standard with all mechanical and high grade quartz watches."  -Steve Bridges






Watchmaking is complicated... but it doesn’t have to be boring. I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple. Check out some of my writing styles here to see if it matches your taste. In the meantime, here are two free downloadable goodies for you. 




Buy this book if you like watches, collect watches, and (most importantly) enjoy learning what really makes them tick (forgive the pun). Anthony does a great job of communicating technical information w/o the...bs. This will become a dog-eared and well worn reference book very quickly. Highly recommend.
This book is great! Lots of good information. It’s one of those kind of books you can just pick up, read a few chapters/tips randomly and enjoy it without a huge commitment (and it’s very entertaining as well). Well done!
I ordered this book to learn more about the craft of watchmaking. Anthony did a fantastic job of writing and explaining the ins and outs of this business. Very well done!
If you are in the business of servicing and selling great watches you will also become a more informed one by reading this . The mystique of “ servicing “ your timepiece will become clearer to you . He also adds his straight forward delivery of humor as he educated us This is a must read people for us in sales .
Great read for anyone interested in learning more about watches, the watch industry and watchmaking. The book speaks the commoners language and won’t make you fall asleep!
I just received my book yesterday and have just about finished it. The watch industry is complex on many levels and this book breaks it down for you in a way that any reader, watch enthusiast or not, can read and enjoy. I work for a watch retailer and you would be amazed at how often the exact stories in the book happen. It’s amazing how much better your experience in the watch world could be by being more informed.
Since more than 15 years I have been repairing, maintaining and restoring old wrist watches. This book contains interesting tips & tricks about this topic that I couldn’t find anywhere else yet. It is very obvious that the author is an experienced watchmaker who knows the matter very well.
Clear recommendation to buy!
This book is esential for all sales personel who work with a watchmaker. As a watchmaker myself, it helps to hear another voice from the industry confirm everything I already knew. I lacked confidence as I struggled to comunicate my knowledge and my needs to laypeople, now I have a fantastic resource to use and refer to people.

Take it from a CW21, every word Anthony says is true, and you should buy this book.

I pre-ordered this book from Anthony on Instagram, and got a signed copy. It will go on my shelf next to other essential watchmaking texts I have collected over the years.
Such a difference from the average watchmaker’s book. It shares some inside information on watch servicing by Rolex, Breitling or Swatch and some interesting resources for those wanting to go deeper into the technical stuff. This isn’t a texbook for learning how to dismantle, clean, oil or repair watches, but it surely gives good easy-to-understand tips for watchlovers, novices in the field or sales personnel. And above all, it’s relaxing to read!
I have been living with the book for almost a week and have come to the conclusion that this is recommended reading for anyone slightly interested in watches. It offers great insight for the beginning enthusiast to the established watchmaker. The topics are written in an unapologetic language that is welcomed and non-offensive. If you are remotely interested in the watch world or are looking to dip your toes into the water, this is a great place to start.
This is a must buy, Anthony has an outstanding and unconventional writing technique in this book. It’s truly written, like he’s giving the reader tips on owning, collecting, and working on watches. I would recommend this to anyone that is halfway into watches, it could save some headache!
I received this book yesterday from the Instagram preorder. Read the preface and at the suggestion of Anthony L, stated skipping around the book. WOW. Written in a conversational voice, you get the impression Anthony L. knows his stuff but he isn’t holding it over your head looking down his nose. Easy to understand explanations not only for the die hard horology fanatic but also for anyone who wants to know more about watches.
A ‘Tell it like it is’, honest account from Anthony as a seasoned watchmaker. Detailed but simple enough to understand. A must have for watch aficionados. Easy to read and difficult to put down book, as the topics presented are in an entertaining way, despite, let’s be serious, watchmaking is a rather bland subject.
GET THIS BOOK. It has so many tidbits of valuable information for sales people, watchmakers, people who are just getting into watch repair and anybody who would like a true watchmakers point of view on things. This book as well as the authors page on Instagram “nobswatchmaker” has truly inspired me to take watch repair to the next level, get proper training, know what to expect (after schooling) and how to survive as a watchmaker in today’s often unpredictable and ever changing world of sales-floor repair. In my opinion this is the best book ive read on the subject. Every piece of info in this book should be read again and again. It is truly treasure to own and read. Great job!