How to Identify Breitling Model# System


Please note that this was confirmed with several people from Breitling's service center in Florida.

  • There are 2 forms of model #s- all of which are variations.

    • Example A: WB3510

    • Example B: Y17393

  • The First Letter is the metal composition of the Case.
    • A = Stainless Steel
    • B = Steel & Gold
    • C = Steel / Rose Gold
    • D= Steel / Yellow Gold
    • E = Titanium
    • F = Titanium / Two-tone
    • G = Steel case / White 18K Bezel
    • H = Rose Gold 18K
    • I = Two-tone / Rose Gold
    • J = White Gold 18K
    • K = Yellow Gold 18K
    • L = Platinum
    • M = Black Steel (DLC carbon coating)
    • N = Carbon
    • P = Steel case / platinum Bzel
    • R = Red Gold 18K
    • S = Ceramic
    • T = Palladium
    • U = Steel/ Red Gold 18K
    • V = Black Titanium (DLC Carbon coating)
    • W = Stainless Steel with Tungsten Carbide Bezel
    • X = Breitlight (Breitling's own black light-weight material)
    • Y = Stainless Steel with Ceramic Bezel
  • The Second set of numbers let's us identify the movement within the watch
    • In Example A, you'll see that after the first letter there's a B (Example A: WB3510)
    • The B signifies that it's an in-house Breitling movement followed by the next 2 digits being the in-house movement caliber. So in Example A, it says "B35" so we know that the watch uses the Breitling in-house caliber B35. Any watch with an in-house movement "BXX" has a 5 Year Sales Warranty. If the customer asks, all in-house movements have a recommended 6-8 year service cycle.
    • In Example B, you'll notice that after the first letter Y, it says "17" (Y17393). Any watch that does not start with B after the first letter is a supplied movement (i.e. ETA movement). This lets us easily identify if it's an in-house movement or a supplied movement. Any watch with a supplied movement (ETA) has a 2 year sales warranty.
    • This is important so that when you're selling a watch, you can easily and quickly identify what the sales warranty is just by looking at the back of the watch.
  • The Third Set of number identifies if the watch is COSC Certified. 
    • All Breitling in-house movements are COSC certified.
    • This really pertains to Example B (Y17393). After "Y17", you'll see the number 3. 
    • 3 means that the supplied movement is COSC Certified
    • If you see a 0, it means that the watch is not COSC certified.
    • From 1999-2000, Breitling went all COSC certified on their movements.
    • If a watch has a 0, we know that the watch was probably produced some time before 1999.
  • The Last set of numbers refers to any changes with the model
    • The last 2 set of numbers identifies what changes were made to the model. 


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