Please stop damaging the watches in the display

please stop damaging.JPG

This goes out to all of you salespeople. Specifically the ones who are in a rush in the evening time during closing.  I understand everyone's trying to go home so you speed up the pace a little but for the love of god, stop dinging the watches when you're pulling it out and putting it back in. These are suppose to be brand new watches but instead look like it's been worn by a 3 year old who plays with sandpaper.

You have no idea how many brand new watches I've had to polish on the fly. It goes something like this- customer comes in and finds a watch they like, customer proceeds to buy it, notices that there are scratches and dents on it, demands a discount or walks, salesperson rushes to me and asks me how fast can I polish this, and I have to stop whatever I'm doing so that I can save the sale by polishing out the dings and dents. This could easily be avoided if salespeople treated the watches with care.

I've seen salespeople during closing time pull 4-6 watches from the display cases at a time; 2-3 watches in each hand. They somehow manage to grip the living snot out of these watches with their fingers. All I'm saying is treat the watches with care when you pull and put it back in. I'm not saying go extra slow like a turtle but stop rushing. If you can pull 4-6 watches without damaging or hitting anything then more power to you. But if you're noticing that you have to bring watches to the watchmaker often to get it polished when the watches are suppose to be brand new already- someone's doing something wrong