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How to Create Your Own Real-World Watchmaking Program

How to Create Your Own Real-World Watchmaking Program

This is my personal experience with Watchmaking programs and how you can go about creating your own. In this process, it’s my hope that you take action to learn quality watchmaking in whatever shape or form it may be in (with all excuses aside).

Create a "[INSERT YOUR NAME] Fund" that would replace [INSERT WATCHMAKING SCHOOL]. Let's be extremely conservative and say a typical watchmaking program costs you $35,000 (not factoring in rent, food, living expenses, tools, etc.). 

With the fund, you would aim to spend $35,000 over two years on education, training, and tools. The caveat is that you have to be ready to lose all of the $35,000.

Think of this as a sunk tuition cost. The hope is that the skills, mindset, lessons learned, and the people you meet will be worth the $35,000 investment. The two-year plan is spent on the learning experience (long term ROI) and not for short-term ROI.